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Internship Opportunities at Hunter House

Hunter House Publishers is located in Alameda, California a Bay Area island community near Oakland and Berkeley, and across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. We periodically accept qualified applicants for internship opportunities in various fields of publishing. Interns work at least 20 hours a week for a minimum of three months.

We generally take interns in the following six areas:

a) Editorial – assisting the managing editor in the in-house editorial process: working with manuscripts that are becoming books; coordinating with authors, copyeditors, proofreaders, and indexers; doing text input of copy editing, proofreading page proofs, doing some fact and resource information checking; sometimes working on a project like a style booklet or a publishing flowchart.

b) Acquisitions – assisting our acquisitions editor with logging in new proposals and manuscripts; reading and evaluating them; doing research on competition and marketability on the web, in bookstores and libraries; dealing with potential authors; maybe learning about publishing contracts, rights and permissions

c) Production – getting involved with the layout and desktop production of our books using Quark Xpress and Adobe Photoshop; assisting our production coordinator with contact with printers, designers, book production artists, pre-press houses; helping keep schedules on track; proof checking

d) Marketing/publicity – usually focusing on one or two specific books, assisting our publicity manager with list selection, producing and mailing book announcements, press releases, press kits and additional materials; making follow-up calls; coordinating between the author and media hosts or producers when interviews are arranged; helping to arrange author events and signings and other venues

e) Marketing/sales – usually focusing on one or two specific books: producing collateral marketing materials using Microsoft Publisher; researching new markets or prospects for special sales; making telephone contact or following-up with sales accounts or prospects; becoming familiar with our domestic and international distributors; updating the marketing and internet database; helping with direct mailings; attending meetings or conferences if appropriate

f) Operations/publisher’s assistant – doing projects in the areas of (a) business systems, such as expanding networks or developing in-house databases and project schedules; (b) business analysis and development, for example in the areas of Internet presence and marketing, or evaluating electronic publishing options, strategic planning, long-term growth

Salary: Our internships are unpaid, except in the case of graduate students or those with demonstrable programming skills working in the business operations/development area. Application procedure: As we take interns throughout the year there is no application deadline. Mail, fax or email your resume, cover letter, writing samples if appropriate (we always like to see writing samples) and an explanation of what you are looking for in this internship to the Internship Coordinator at:

Hunter House Publishers
P.O. Box 2914
Alameda CA 94501

Check out our website or call and ask for a catalog so you know what we publish.

International applicants: International applicants need to speak English fluently; have working visas or permits for theentire period of their internship; have health coverage; preferably have a sponsoring organizing or institution; and have a real interest in learning and living in the USA in this field.

Experience: Interns should be in the third year or higher of a four-year degree course with specialization in a subject area related to what we do, for example English, health, women’s issues, psychology, graphic design, database programming. Experience of working in related trade venues, such as bookstores, literary agencies, pre-press houses, non-profit organization working in the field of violence prevention or diversity issues is helpful. Well-developed computer skills and basic word processing experience are necessary; the following additional skills or abilities are desirable:

  • Editorial – letter writing skills, research experience, proofreading experience, some copyediting background, desktop publishing familiarity
  • Acquisitions – extensive reading background, good language sense, familiarity with subjects we publish, ability to review clearly and objectively, research skills, creative ideation about new books
  • Production – familiarity with Quark Xpress or Adobe Pagemaker and Adobe Photoshop, graphic design skill or interest, some basic knowledge about prepress and book printing
  • Marketing – copy and letter writing skills, communication skills, ability to learn quickly and to multi-task, good feelings about our books and an extrovert desire to share them
  • Operations/publisher’s assistant – Literacy with spreadsheets, databases, scheduling software, and HTML; broad-based interest in small business operations
Why would interns be interested in our internship? (What differentiates our internships from similar internships?) We have worked with interns for over fifteen years and are guided by the principle of it being a mutually beneficial relationship. The intern will get more than an experience of answering phones and doing photocopying, and we will ask for specific productive output so there is a sense of achievement. As ours is a small organization, interns participate fully as staff members in all discussions and idea-sharing, and their creativity can get free expression. Generally interns are paired with one staff person so they get one-on-one exposure and mentoring in their particular area of specialization as well. Ours is a friendly, informal office, and interns are welcomed and feel at home.

Approximately how many applicants do we receive per year? How many of these are accepted? We get 30—50 applications a year, about 4—5 of them international, and we take 3—5 interns per year.

All interns need to be prepared to cover the costs of living in the Bay Area – an exciting and beautiful but not inexpensive place to live. Also, if they don’t have a car they will have to deal with a public transport system that isn’t all that convenient. Interested interns should check our website at to see the kinds of books we do and our social attitudes and publishing commitments. We try and make our internships like our general work here – involving, challenging, creative, and fun. People who come prepared to work, share, participate, and learn will generally get a lot out of an internship at Hunter House. Some caveats: we are on the second floor so we are not wheelchair accessible; our sexuality books tend to be explicit in content and illustrated, but not overly graphic; we have a small staff—about 6-8 people—so the pace is usually quite intense.

To apply send a resume and cover letter to:

Attention: Alexandra Mummery
Hunter House Publishers
1515 1/2 Park Street
Alameda CA 94501

or E-mail:

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