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Making the Peace
A 15-Session Violence Prevention Curriculum for Young People
by Paul Kivel Allan Creighton The Oakland Men’s Project

Making the Peace is written to help young people break away from violence, develop self-esteem, and regain a sense of community. It provides exercises, role-plays, in-class handouts, homework sheets, and discussion guidelines to explore issues such as dating violence, gangs, interracial tension, suicide, sexual harassment, and the social roots of violence.


Throughout the book, there are practical suggestions for facilitators, from arranging desks to promote discussion to anticipating rough spots and handling difficult responses. All handouts and homework exercises are ready to use and are designed for easy reproduction. Flexible enough to use during consecutive days or throughout a semester, Making the Peace is a beginning, not an end. By addressing sensitive issues with respect, it models the important process of developing the skills that can help young people to build violence-free relationships.

PAGES: 192
SIZE: 8-1/2 x 11
ILLUSTRATIONS: 15 b/w photos 35 reproducible handouts

Paul Kivel, social justice educator, activist, and writer, has been an innovative leader in violence prevention for 35 years. He is an accomplished trainer and speaker nationally and internationally on men’s issues, racism and diversity, challenges of youth, teen dating, family violence, raising boys to adulthood, and the impact of class and power on daily life. His work gives people the understanding to become involved in social justice work and the tools to become more effective allies in community struggles to end oppression and injustice and to transform organizations and institutions. Kivel is the author of numerous books and curricula including Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice, which won the 1996 Gustavus Myers Award for best book on human rights, Men’s Work, Making the Peace, Boys Will Be Men, I Can Make My World A Safer Place, and most recently, You Call This a Democracy?: Who Benefits, Who Pays, and Who Really Decides.

Allan Creighton teaches courses on social justice and violence prevention at the University of California, Berkeley and manages campus-wide programs on prevention of hate violence and violence against women. Since 1978 he has conducted local, statewide and national trainings and published curricula on working with adults and youth to prevent violence and promote racial, gender and economic justice, with particular focus on sexual assault and intimate partner violence. He co-founded the batterers’ intervention program Men Overcoming Violence and the Todos Alliance-Building Institute; current projects include advocacy for immigrant students; training on equity and inclusion for students, athletes, staff and faculty across lines of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and religious background; spousal abuse assessment licensure training; and a statewide campaign to promote racial equity within the rape crisis movement. The touchstone for his work is “no one left out; no one left behind.”

Paul Kivel and Allan Creighton are co-founders of the Oakland Men's Project (OMP), the nationally acclaimed violence prevention organization, and co-authors of Young Men's Work and Helping Teens Stop Violence.

Days of Respect
Organizing a School-Wide Violence Prevention Program

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