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Dare... to Make Love with 2, 3, 4... or More
by Marc Dannam

This book serves as an excellent introduction to group sex; the taboo subject is given a lighthearted yet practical approach that helps readers feel comfortable giving and receiving sexual pleasure with multiple simultaneous partners. For beginners and experienced lovers alike, this book gives helpful illustrations and important information for whatever combination of people will be involved. Chapters include:

  1. Preliminaries
  2. One Man, Two Women
  3. One Woman, Two Men
  4. The Perfect Triangle
  5. Two plus Two
  6. Three Against One
  7. Always More
  8. Topics of Conversation

The positions, rules, tips, techniques and illustrations included will help group sex be an exciting and satisfying experience. For couples, for lovers, for anybody who wants to spice up their sex lives, this book will guide you through a sexual encounter unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

About the DARE Series

This titillating series from France has a total of twenty-four books and is written by a host of experts in the field of sexuality; some of the authors include French porn star and film maker Ovidie, Gala Fur the Dominatrix and masseur, and physiotherapist Italo Baccardi. They have already been translated from their original French into Portuguese, Spanish and Italian and are now available for the first time in English. The series is edited and introduced for the US by sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD.

Each pocketbook covers a different area of sexuality: From nudity to bondage, from fellatio to partner-swapping, they discuss the taboo, the mundane and the erotic. Explanatory illustrations enliven the series’ entertaining tips and advice. The books have a lighthearted approach—one that encourages readers to experiment, to act out fantasies and to improve their lovemaking skills.

Let your inhibitions down and let your libido rise; these little books prove that big things do come in small packages. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a bachelorette party or just a boring Monday, these books make great gifts. If the cheeky, humorous covers haven’t already convinced to you to buy a few, the entertaining text will. But don’t just give them away—be sure to keep some for yourself.



  1. Preliminaries
    • The Taboo
    • Take the Plunge
    • Preparing the Perfect Party
  2. One Man, Two Women
    • Menage Trois
    • Kama Sutra for Three
  3. One Woman, Two Men
    • Double Your Pleasure
    • Kama Sutra for Three
  4. The Perfect Triangle
    • One Man, Two Women, Bi- Style
    • One Woman, Two Men, Bi- Style
  5. Two plus Two
    • Exchange
    • Bi- Version
  6. Three Against One
    • One Man, Two Women, Hetero Style
    • One Man, Two Women, Bi- Style
    • One Woman, Two Men, Hetero Style
    • One Woman, Tow Men, Bi- Style
  7. Always More
    • The Box Exchange
    • Private Party
    • Gang Bang
  8. Topics of Conversation
    • Bedside Books to Enjoy
    • Bedside Films to Enjoy

PAGES: 144
SIZE: 4-1/2 X 7

Marc Dannam is a writer and journalist who lives in Paris and has authored a number of DARE... books.

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