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ISBN: 978-0-89793-634-7
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Horse Mandalas / Mandala Horses
Coloring and Design Book
by Miriam Nieuwe Weme

Mandalas designs contain themes and patterns taken from geometry, nature and folk art. Mandalas have been found on the walls of prehistoric caves, in ancient tapestries and stained glass windows and in the artistic expression of people all over the world.

Mandalas represent wholeness and life. Made up of simple elements, yet capable of becoming marvelously complex, they fascinate children and adults alike. And mandala patterns invite color—something children are only too happy to provide! Coloring mandalas encourages the calm and quiet educators recognize as vital to children’s development and concentration. Many teachers use mandalas as an activity for centering and refreshing their students or to begin or end classes.

Parents can use mandala coloring books to give their children something creative to do at home or when traveling. Adults benefit from mandalas too, both indirectly when their children are quietly coloring and directly when drawing or coloring their own mandalas.

Our mandala coloring books let people of all ages connect with the playful and artistic impulses that led our ancestors to draw and color in the first mandalas.

The 46 original designs in Horse Mandalas coloring book bring together the inspiration of horses - their beautiful lines, thrilling movement and sense of freedom - with the centering esthetic and timeless beauty of mandalas. Author, illustrator, and horse trainer Miriam Nieuwe Weme created these patterns using images of horses and the traditional rotational symmetry of the mandala design. Some of the horse mandalas are complex and intricate, others are simpler, awaiting the addition of reader’s own embellishments and creativity.

Miriam Weme has loved horses since she was a little girl. Creating the mandalas featured in this book was a profoundly comforting and inspirational experience for her, and she hopes readers/artists interacting with the book will have the same experience as they color them in and make them their own.

Whether horse enthusiast, budding artist, adult or child, this coloring and design book gives readers an opportunity to bring out colored pencils and paints and let these unique mandalas take them on a wonderful journey!


“Lot's of fun for girls and boys. Just the right amount of complexity in the designs. My daughter loves those horses - wonderful!”
- Jinx, Amazon Reviewer

“They're basically the perfect mandalas for kids. I've occasionally offered mandalas to the girls to color, because they're so great for those little minds and hearts (So contemplative! So complex! So immersive!), but the girls just never could engage themselves in the abstract patterning. Horses, though? Now THAT is something that my kids can engage in!”
– Julie, Craft Knife Blog


46 Hand Drawn Horse Mandala Designs

PAGES: 144
SIZE: 8 1/2 x 11 x 3/8

Miriam Nieuwe Weme has been an editor for Amazone magazine, an equestrian publication in the Netherlands. She also wrote and illustrated the successful book The Art of Natural Dressage (Vrijheidsdressuur), which emphasizes positive techniques for training horses. Weme has been fascinated with horses since she was a child, and currently owns two Shetland ponies, Blacky and Sjors.

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